My name is Gabriel Preda. I am a visual content creator with over 6 years of experience in photography, videography, and graphic design. Originally from Romania, I now call Porto, Portugal, home.

My journey in the world of visual storytelling began as a photographer but quickly evolved to encompass video production, including both photos and videos, and graphic design. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with renowned brands like BCR (Erste Romania), EY Ro Careers, Megamall Bucharest, and Maserati Romania. Notably, I’ve captured over 70 cars in various automotive editorials.


I want to discover every new thing, to learn and to apply in my future projects.


I do what I like, regardless of the season, the weather and the situation.


I let my imagination run wild and I'm always looking for new content creation techniques.

I learn, experiment, shoot and start all over again


I leave my mark on what I capture with my camera. With just one lens, I can capture so many perspectives.

I bring a versatile skill set to the table, with experience in automotive photography and videography, corporate projects, private events, drone videography, weddings, motion graphics, and graphic design. Whether it’s creating stunning visuals or crafting engaging motion graphics, I’m dedicated to delivering creative and impactful content.

In the end


For me, the content creation is a way to showcase my stories.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. Feel free to explore my work, and if you’re looking for a visual storyteller who can bring your vision to life, let’s connect!

If I convinced you


Do not hesitate to contact me 😉